Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal plants are all around us. With increased knowledge and access to medicinal plants, we have more tools to be stewards of our own wellness. With immense gratitude to the plants, and to all the herbal mentors, growers, and wildcrafters that share their knowledge, we hope to support community and earth healing by growing herbs that can be used in everyday life to promote well-being. The safe and easy-to-use medicinal herbs that we grow can be used in cooking, teas, tinctures, brewing, fermentation, salves, and you-name-it. Click below for a list of medicinal herbs that will be grown in 2021.   

Fresh Produce

We’re happy to offer a variety of produce that suits your pantry. We focus on storage vegetables like heirloom beans, potatoes, garlic, and winter squash. In order to support a resilient local economy, we primarily purchase seed that is organic, non-gmo, and untreated from Pacific Northwest seed companies such as Adaptive, Uprising, Osborne, and Strictly Medicinal. Click below for a list of what we're growing in 2021. 



At Holy Basil Farm, we love basil! In addition to holy basil, or tulsi, we plan to have the following types available throughout the season:

  • Genovese

  • Thai

  • Lemon

  • Cinnamon

  • Purple

Click below to contact us and order bulk basil for your next project.​