CSA: Week 10

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

This Sunday, September 1st, is your 10th Holy Basil Farm CSA delivery!

The pick list is drafted, and we will harvest Sunday morning to get you the freshest and tastiest goods. This note tells you what is in the CSA this week and gives some updates from the farm.

Projected CSA Contents

  • Slicing Tomatoes

  • Cherry Tomatoes

  • Sweet and Hot Peppers

  • Orange Carrots

  • Broccoli Raab

  • Leeks

  • Purple Basil

  • Featured Medicinal Herb: Echinacea

The list may be updated slightly on the day of harvest based on condition and availability of product; we'll always let you know if we need to make any changes!

Fall Transitions

Harvesting cilantro on a damp gray day.

It's arrived so very quickly, but arrived it has. We have begun making preparations on the farm for fall season. As of today, we have all of our fall crops seeded and transplanted! We have begun removing irrigation on certain crops in order to mow and till. Early September is the time for seeding cover crop, which will prevent erosion and add nutrients to our soil over the coming months. At this time of year our goal is to clear and prepare as much ground as possible so that cover crop can be seeded and established before the cold, dark months of winter. We are excited to experiment with a tillage radish in our South field, which will send taproots deep into the soil to aerate and reduce compaction.

We've been working on these projects for the last few weeks while also enjoying visits from loved ones and trying to maximize summer fun. However, this week Leah returned to work, putting us back on an evenings and weekends at the farm schedule. Some big and exciting fall projects still to come include harvesting winter squash and pumpkins and planting garlic and shallots! We are also excited to continue cooking and preserving projects, and we'll be selling at the Bow Farmers' Market for the next three Sundays. Our members can look forward to continuing to enjoy the fruits of summer, such as peppers, eggplants, melons, and tomatoes in the coming weeks, as well as receiving new fall crops in your CSAs!

Farm sunset!

It's easy to get your CSA

The drop-off locations are:

You will find your CSA in the cooler. It will be in a visible, well marked location. We're using canvas totes in an effort to reduce and reuse materials. The following week the CSA will be in an identical tote. Please feel free to hold on to a bag, or return it to the pick-up site. We will wash them and reuse them.

Let us know if it isn't easy to get the CSA, and we'll make it better.

Once again, thanks for supporting us! Happy to be your farmers for the 2019 growing season. Hope to connect with you in person soon for a drop-site chat, a Sunday dinner, or a farm visit! - Leah & John

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