2021 Fall Offerings

Updated: Nov 11

Fall Produce Box...$25

Perfect for fall and holiday cooking. A mix of cooler weather crops from the farm. Most of these items store well and should last several weeks in the fridge.

  • Carrots: 1 lb bulk orange carrots

  • Fennel: 2 bulbs

  • Onions or leeks: farmer's choice

  • Chioggia Beets

  • Kale or Collard greens

  • Green Cabbage

  • Winter Squash: 3-4 lbs

Winter Squash

  • Candystick Delicata (small, sweet, thin-skinned)...$2/each

  • Canada Crookneck (butternut type)...$4/each

  • Black Futsu (small, dark orange smooth flesh, thin-skinned)...$2/each

  • Lower Salmon River (large, ideal for soups, pies)...$8/each

  • Thelma Sanders ("sweet potato" squash, velvety smooth texture)...$2/each

  • Squash Variety Box (we'll include 2 delicata and 1 of each other type, totaling ~ 15 lbs)...$16

Heirloom Dry Beans...$5/lb

  • Early Warwick

  • Nez Perce

  • Orca

  • Tiger's Eye

  • Mixed bags available as well

Ordering and Delivery

Please email your order to holybasilfarm@gmail.com. We will send you an invoice and arrange for delivery/pickup.

Seattle delivery dates include 11/14 and 11/20.

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