Holy Basil Farm Express

How it helps you

Holy Basil Farm is looking to offer its products through its Express network. People who use Skagit Transit's Vanpool service will receive discounted food from the farm. People use Vanpools because they are convenient, affordable, and saves money. There are more than 35 vans in the fleet that can serve at least 250 people, and the number of miles traveled through the vanpool have increased >10% between 2016-2018. We think that our Express program will benefit not only users of Skagit Transit's vanpool, but also the local Skagit Valley agricultural economy.

  • Saves time

  • Better value

  • Feels good

How it helps us

  • Fewer deliveries

  • Schedule tells us where and when to deliver

  • Gets you the freshest produce

The Heart of the Matter

It is always a priority to provide whole ingredients for our community to eat good food, and we believe that food should be a part of the ways that people live. One way that we can contribute is to provide our food along transportation routes. Food-oriented design puts food within transportation routes. We are nimble enough to maneuver to link up with people at transportation nexus points to provide them with food, so they can continue in stride with their days. 

It's interesting to refer to maneuverability because it is part of John's Marine Corps training. Maneuverability is a philosophy which stems from a desire to circumvent a problem and engage it from a position of advantage rather than meet it straight on. This makes sense because Holy Basil Farm is a new farm, and we are finding markets that fit our scale and ability. Rather than vend for hours at a farmers market, we can deliver more sales to a group of vanpools at the same park-n-ride. Rather than transporting our goods long distances, we can meet where transportation networks converge, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enabling a resilient local economy. Rather than grow great amounts of a single crop for wholesale distributors, we can creatively grow a diverse amount of vegetables for more people. 

Holy Basil Farm is a sustainable farm, and it strives to meet the triple bottom line: people, planet, and prosperity. The Express program is an integral component for our future. 


How Does It Work

This is a modified Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) that will include weekly deliveries during three months. The months are July, September, and November. This way there will be a nice assortment of pickings. We spread it out because it is a big ask for people to be available for three consecutive months. Now, you can be involved for as little as one month all the way through three months. 

Cost:     Normal price:        $99/month

            For Vanpool users:  $85/month